1Forbes Business Loan
The Forbes Business Loan product is specially designed for small and medium businesses to enable them realize their business potential.
Benefits Acquisition of fixed assets eg. Equipment, building store etc. Meeting working capital requirement eg. Stocks, material etc.

1Forbes Personal Loan
The Forbes Personal Loan is design to enable salary workers both in the government sector and private institution to acquire property without going through any stress.
Benefits Acquisition of land, rent advance, etc Acquisition of household appliances eg. Fridge, TV, etc Easy access to the facility No collateral require

1Forbes Susu Loan
Forbes Susu Loan is design to alleviate the stress micro businesses go through in assessing credit to grow their businesses.
Benefits Help in starting new business No collateral require No guarantor Assess the loan in 1 day Daily repayment of loans in the form of susu

1Forbes Investment Fund
Forbes Investment Fund is an account that allows individuals and enterprises to invest their surplus funds into this high yielding investment account. Forbes offers this fixed time deposit account with very attractive interest rates for three, six and twelve month periods.
Benefits High interest on your investment Safety and security for your funds No maintenance charges Re-discounting (flexible policy on early termination) Free investment advice

1Forbes Payday Loans
Forbes Payday Loans allow salary workers both at the public and the private sector to access up to 75% of their net salary for a period less than 31 days or against their immediate salary to reduce the stress that workers normally go through in attending to emergency situations. This loan can be assessed in a day..
Benefits Access the loan in a day No Guarantor No Collateral Walk in with your documents and access the loan.

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