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Forbes Microfinance is a Limited liability company registered under the Laws of Ghana under the companys Code (ACT 179) of 1963. Forbes Microfinance Ltd was initially incorporated as Forbes Investment and Financial Services on 9th February 2010. The name was later changed to Forbes Microfinance in December 2012. It has been licensed in 2013 by Bank of Ghana to operate as a microfinance institution. It is wholly Ghanaian owned and located inside the Ghana Trade Fair Centre at La. The company was set up with the goal of delivering innovative financial solutions while maintaining a commitment to excellent customer satisfaction.

The aim of the company is to offer investment and financial solutions in the form of micro credit to the Ghanaian working class. It is with this intention that, Forbes Microfinance Ltd took a more focused approach to look for innovative ways to organize resources in a manner to improve underserved areas and to foster sustainable progress. An essential part of the Companys mission is the determination to serve the informal sector.

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